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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 31, 2013 11:45pm-12:01am EST

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to federal agencies. one had the distinct and separate offices. another that he did the space. they rented and other office. you start to scratch your head. this is insane. told milton friedman the theory people are spending other people's money on other people either cost or quality matter. i would rather they spend other people's money on themselves because the lease the quality matters if i spent it that night by the best suit i can find but when you spend taxpayer money on other people equality does not matter either and that is ridiculous decision making you don't think there is
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waste in our budget? it is absurd how much waste literally. if i could add one more thing. on the other front i'm in to end the segmentation but the lobby front that has been going on for yarns but the source of all of our problems there is a tax code if i could give you a tax break and not give it to the blue suit company give you the competitive advantage in the field that you don't have now you pay be back with the donee -- campaign donation you realize that ripple effect will supply data on thousands over decades? they think about how many
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value misjudgments because i could give you a tax break? it is no small item. why do you think go left fight so viciously because the flat tax? no. they fight so badly because there is no power. if everything is you pay 15% it doesn't matter everything is yes now i have power. that is the best thing i could never do for you. to leave the job much more power less when i come in. it is to be representative government. that was the idea >> we have a few copies of the author's book here today
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"life inside the bubble" and available readily at the amazon in bookstores we appreciate your attendance and we will continue the conversation after we adjourned. thank you. [applause] we would like to hear from you. tweet us your feedback. >> romance in the mob. those who are match -- mafia afish nad doughs. there's a level of brutality that is just terrible. okay. all right. you can never -- you know, as a writer, by the way, people say like i'm being interviewed. peter, don't you get captured by this? don't you get lost in who they are? and the term moral capture what a federal prosecutor later used to describe what he thought happened. he would wear pinky ring and
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dress like a wise guy. it every other word in the have lab was an f word. i had to get with them and be like them to convince them to trust me. after a certain point, the stockholm syndrome happens. you going potentially cross the line. as a journalist, as fascinated as i am every day -- think of the scene in good fellows.
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he went after john gotty and put a -- had a guy put if bomb in the guy --
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frankee heart and he wasn't there. franky died and died blown to bits. okay. and so now the contract out on, anthony. and about three young guys came and shot at one day. he was eating an ice cream cone. but he wanted to know right away. wroi a pilot for "missing persons." i was a show runner. i started with michael man. my first trip toings laves was to watch michaelman shoot a script i had written three days earlier.
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i started at top and worked my way down. that was my first trip to las vegas. they shot at vaftion world i guess in that world. who he believed -- he said i shot him a couple of times. you know. 12 or 13. anyway. anthony gave me an interview from prison. that was an eye opener.
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who new the case also contacted them as did angela -- this forensic investigator who got a lot of files and the con influence of the three of us, them reading my book and angela's referral resulted in him on the 30th of march 2006 with -- came up from florida where he retired with a full pension and indicted on four counts of murder. and on the right, the picture that is him, like, the night
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before vunderring him. they allowed them to surrounder. the next day after he was a million dollars bail was set for him. okay. 50 exagents supported him. showed up in tie and surrounded him as they walked out down adams street from brooklyn extreme -- supreme court. there was a scene unlike you had seen. they were pushing people away. they were like soccer hooligans. bushing people out of the way. protecting him while the reporters try to ask questions. they called it body checking. chuck grassley of iowa mentioned this at the judiciary committee hearing about whether fbi agents should be so quick to, you know, protect somebody who is presumed innocent, of course, but just tactics were pretty wild. this was the trial started in, like, october 15th of '07. headlines like this every day in the new york tabloids. agent of death.
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i mean, like, they basically convicted him. but the star witness, one of the star witnesses was linda. the woman i told you. it was alleged that by these reporters, now onen the left you see jerry. one of the problem of the most famous and the greatest contemporary reporter on organized crime. he had a column called "gangland" for years. he had played himself in the sopranos. you know. so but each and whatever. on the right mike. and a lot of these -- i'm half italian. half of my book is accurate.
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jerry -- at the height of the war. the war was waged from 91 to 93. they wrote about it and knew that she was going to be one of the star witnesses. she lies and they end the trial. look now the headline. two weeks later, talk about a reversal of fortune. mob tape frees g-man. say that celebrated at sparks steak house over champagne. that's where paul got wacked. he gave his own note of irony to
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it. listen to what the judge said. this is his decision dismissing the case. what is undeniable was that the face of the obvious men nice posed bier organize crime. the fbi was willing to make hair own deal with the devil. they gave him criminal immunity in return for the information true and false he willingingly supplied. not only did the fbi shield him from prgs they active recruited him to participate in crimes under their direction. a thug like him would be employed bit federal government is a shock demonstration of the government's unacceptable willingness to employ criminality to fight crime. you can watch this and other programs online at
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being a global problem. a closing of the gender gap between men and women. traditionally we have known that men drink more than women do. but what has been happening recently is men has been declining a little bit in the risky drinking. women are not at all. and this is global and more developed the country the richer the country, the smaller the gap between men and women alcohol consumption. places like britain, for instance, we are seeing young girls in the 20s who are dying of liver disease which is classically seen as an old man disease. this is a health epidemic and
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crisis. something we need to pay attention to and open up a dialogue about our favorite drug. it is our favorite drug. it is legal. and most of us consume it. >> host: that's correct. exactly. can you talk, maybe, a bit about the driving force, for you, in writing "drink ?" the driving force for me is decades old. i grew up with an alcoholic mother who was cross addicted to valium, much like a lot of women were in the '60s and '70s dependent on mother's little helper. she was a "stay at home mom." i have been interested in why she drank the way she drank. the one thing i said to myself, i never will. in fact in my 50s i fell in to bad behavior with alcohol. i had a bad patch in my own life, and i would say a poster girl for this era.


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